Caring for Senior at Home - Calgary Alberta

Our Process

The following outlines how to obtain Compassion Senior Care services and what steps we take to ensure we are providing the best service and care possible.

Getting Started

Step 1Contact Compassion Senior Care.

Step 2 – Book a free in-home consultation with a Care Supervisor who will learn about your situation and individualized needs.

Making a Plan

Step 3 – Our Care Supervisor, with your input, develops a personalized Care Plan and services that fit your lifestyle and budget. They carefully consider the roles that family members will play in helping you to have the best quality of life possible. The Care Plan and services outlines all the details of care or assistance required.   

Step 4 –  The Care Supervisor matches you with a Home Care Assistant as well as schedules services and care to address your needs.  

Implementing Compassionate Services and Care

Step 5 – The Home Care Assistant provides care and services according to the plan of care and makes an effort to accommodate your personal preferences. The professional nature, patience, and compassion of our staff helps you and your family to gain confidence and build a trusting relationship with your Home Care Assistant.

Step 6 –  Periodically, as changes are required, the Care Supervisor does an in-home reassessment to affirm that existing care and services remain appropriate. At this point, if necessary,  adjustments are made to better support you. The Home Care Assistant alters the care according to the changing plan.

Beyond Services and Care  

Step 7 – Should you require levels of service and care beyond what Compassion Senior Care can offer, the Care Supervisor helps to identify solutions through education and referral.

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