Our Team

Mark has a deep passion for helping seniors and their loved ones live high quality lives. This passion is rooted in his natural devotion to see people thrive as well as his personal history in senior care. As a teenager, Mark assisted in caring for his blind grandfather. He would spend ample time listening to his grandfather tell stories which led him to a profound understanding that companionship is an important and meaningful part of home care. Additionally, Mark embraced the responsibilities of feeding, tending to personal hygiene, and providing recreational entertainment for his grandfather.

Mark’s dedication to caring for his grandfather as well as his desire to see his grandfather’s sight restored sparked a strong ambition in Mark to become an Ophthalmologist. As time passed, Mark’s grandfather passed away and he was not able to experience this dream of full recovery. Mark went on to have a long career in engineering related industries, but has decided to return to his passion of serving the seniors in his community.
“Each person is unique and requires unique care,” says Mark, “I want to be there for seniors in the way that they need. That’s how I want to impact this community.”

Danny’s life is filled with love and characterized by compassion, especially towards senior citizens. This affection was established early in Danny’s childhood when, after her family escaped the civil war in Lebanon, she began living with her grandparents. Her grandparents welcomed her into their home with open arms and for the next 16 years they continued to love, care for, and extend tremendous generosity towards Danny. Danny’s appreciation for senior citizens only grew stronger as her grandparents continued to support her in her ambitions while she pursued her university education. It was at that point Danny knew that she wanted to return her grandparents generosity to them by caring for them in their later years.

After Danny met and married Mark, her wish of serving and caring for her grandparents was displaced as she relocated to start her own family. This change led to a growing desire within Danny to channel her energy into serving and loving others around her. Danny and Mark strongly value opening their hearts and their home to support friends, family, and seniors. Danny’s life is an active example of Compassion Senior Care’s core values. Her experience and compassionate approach makes her a meaningful part of our team.

norma-2.jpegNorma, RN
Norma has always had aspirations to help others. Growing up on a farm fostered a strong connection between Norma and her community and church. Norma has ample experience in helping families through crisis situations which makes her a valuable part of our team. Norma’s longstanding desire of helping those in need culminated when she chose to pursue a career in nursing. Once Norma had completed nursing school, she began working in the emergency department. Though she enjoyed the work, she missed knowing what happened to her patients. Over the years, Norma has worked in many areas including: cardiology both surgical and medical, hospitalized sick expectant mothers and new mothers, and walk-in clinics. Additionally, Norma worked many years in senior care at a retirement residence, managing two floors of clients. She is passionate about seniors living full lives and providing compassionate palliative care. Norma values advocating for seniors to receive the utmost respect they are due. With the support of people like Norma, Compassion Senior Care is confident that the seniors we serve will be able to maintain their independence for as long as possible. 

Eric, Client Relations

Eric’s dedication and commitment to serving others, and building sincere and genuine relationships with people, are reflected throughout his career. Eric was an educator for over eight years in the Philippines. This nurtured his passion for people. In 2010, Eric served in church ministry in the United States, serving the congregation towards their spiritual growth. During that time, he had the privilege to provide home care assistance to several seniors in the Jewish community. The experience solidified his belief in the importance of taking good care of the elderly in our community. In 2014, Eric came to Calgary, and as a natural networker, he became a Community Engagement and Donor Relations Lead for a non-profit organization. This experience gave Eric the opportunity to work with vulnerable families in Calgary, providing care and running afterschool programs. He has done major fundraising and community events, which allowed him to collaborate further and partner with different service providers, businesses, and organizations. Currently, Eric is also serving as a Senior Pastor in a community church in Calgary.