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Are you struggling to find the right senior care option for your loved one? Imagine your loved one being treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.

At Compassion Senior Care, we understand the importance of aging at home. Scientific research has shown that staying in your own community is the best option for seniors from a physical, mental, and social health perspective. In fact, 90% of seniors prefer to age in the comfort of their own homes. Not only is it the best choice for seniors, but it's also the most cost-efficient option for those who fully own their homes.

Aging at home allows seniors to maintain their independence and autonomy, while also promoting a sense of familiarity and comfort. It's a known fact that seniors who are able to age in place have better physical and mental health outcomes, and are less likely to suffer from depression and loneliness. Additionally, aging at home can also help seniors maintain social connections with their community and loved ones.


We are a family-owned business dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, dignity, and independence of seniors by providing personalized care in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Our compassionate and certified Home Care Assistants provide companionship, homemaking, and personal care services with the utmost respect and dignity to assist seniors to stay, as long as possible, in the comfort and independence of their own homes.
Are you at this point in life where you have to make the hard decision whether to move your mom and/or dad to a Senior Facility or provide her and/or him care at home?
Give us a call and we will be happy to help you make the best choice for the family.

Most of us, the sandwich generation, are facing the challenges of balancing work and family while caring for our aging parents. Caring for our parents becomes a stressful endeavor that robs the joy of spending quality time with them. Let us ease the burden and free up your time to create meaningful and enjoyable moments with your loved ones.

At Compassion Senior Care, we understand that each senior is unique and has different needs. That's why we take a personalized approach to care and work closely with each senior and their loved ones to create a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Our Home Care Assistants are trained to provide a wide range of services, including assistance with daily living activities, meal preparation, medication reminders, and transportation to appointments.
Are you at this point in life where you have to make the hard decision whether to move your mom and/or dad to a Senior Facility or provide her and/or him care at home?
Give us a call and we will be happy to help you make the best choice for the family.

"Claire is a 54 years single mother of three children and grandmother of 2 young active grandchildren. She is also at the peak of her career with a leadership role at a very successful business in Calgary. Between her travels with her job and taking care of herself, her home, and her family as well as looking after her 83 years old mom, she got burned out and was desperately looking for help. Her mom lives across the city and loves her neighborhood and community. She doesn’t want to leave but at the same time can use some help with meal preparation, house cleaning, and friendly companionship. She also has mobility challenges and can no longer drive. A bit of personal assistance while bathing and dressing are needed.
Here is a typical story of what we frequently encounter in our community. Is this similar to a challenge you are facing? Well, you are in the right place! Compassion Senior Care is the ideal Senior Home Care company to call and get us involved to become part of the family care system. Our aim is to become an integral part of the family care system of our clients through a trusting and respectful provision of care."


Mark and Danny, the founders of Compassion Senior Care, have their stories with their grandparents. Danny was raised by her grandparents and Mark was involved, as a child, in the care of his blind grandfather. He has watched and helped his mother, who was his father's primary caregiver, provide care for him on a daily basis as he lived with them for many years. As much as Mark enjoyed the companionship role of reading to his grandfather, listening to his stories, and guiding him to walk to his bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, he noticed how much it wore his mother to solely take care of all of her father's personal needs. She could not leave the house for long periods, let alone go out on dates or weekend getaways with her husband. When Mark's mother needed respite, there were no options for a Senior Home Care company, so she opted to take him to an Assisted Living Facility. Sadly, the change was more than what Mark's grandfather could handle. His nutrition and appetite declined, and his health quickly started deteriorating before passing away in a few months.

Did you know?

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in every 4 Canadians are primary caregivers! Studies show that they get burned out after a few months of caring for their loved ones. This stress affects their relationships as well as their mental and physical well-being. It has also been proven scientifically that seniors’ health deteriorates rapidly shortly after they change their place of residency and they become more isolated even in facilities where they have programs and entertainment for the elderly.

Since its inception in November 2017, Compassion Senior Care has helped dozens of Calgarian seniors and their families enjoy peace of mind by providing them companionship, homemaking, and personal care services to help them stay in the comfort and independence of their homes.

  • Our companionship services range from friendly conversations, going for a walk or drive, playing board games, driving clients to their appointments, and taking them grocery shopping.
  • Our homemaking services include housekeeping, laundry, changing beds, meal planning, and preparation.
  • Our personal care services include exercising, feeding, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, hygiene, and incontinence care.

Those services are provided with compassion, dignity, and respect through qualified and experienced caregivers. We call our employees, Home Care Assistants rather than caregivers as we don’t want to push care but come alongside our clients to assist them in their needs.

Our Home Care Assistants are our key assets and they are the face of Compassion Senior Care. Each one of them represents the Company’s reputation and credibility. Their role and value are therefore very meaningful to us and our clients. As an employer, we believe that for our Home Care Assistants to build a strong spirit of serving and develop trusting relationships with our clients, Home Care Assistants must be treated with respect and caring concern by us. In doing so, the care and concern will be passed on to our seniors in a trustworthy and kind-hearted fashion. Knowing our Home Care Assistants helps us to successfully match caregivers with seniors.


We use rigorous recruitment techniques to screen and select exceptional people who demonstrate knowledge, experience, and compassion. National criminal record checks as well as educational, personal, and professional reference checks are mandatory for each selected person. Once hired, our Home Care Assistants are bonded, insured, and covered by Workers’ Compensation.

We treat them as part of the family and we endeavor to recognize, reward, and retain the best performers. We provide our Home Care Assistants training and education to maintain current knowledge and practice.


Our client’s well-being is vitally important to us, so we provide exceptional services that enhance their ability to Age in Place and continue to live full lives as they age.

Senior-Centered Care is the essence of our service. Our unique approach honors seniors’ dignity, sustains their individual identity and choices, and maintains their physical, mental, social, and spiritual wholeness.

Our care delivery involves the provision of compassionate care through an enriched, respectful relationship between our Home Care Assistant and the senior.

The senior’s spirit, mind, and body are nurtured in this trusting relationship that promotes overall well-being and quality of life.

Most of our clients come to us through “Word-of-Mouth” referrals, which speaks to the satisfaction they have with our services. We listen to and connect with our clients, delivering what they want while paying attention to the details of their needs. We see the need and then meet it.
Since our inception, our clients have found that we provide solutions to help them age in the comfort and independence of their own homes.
The Compassion Senior Care Management team has a combined experience of over 20 years in senior home care, not including the experience of our Home Care Assistants.
Our core values include compassion, respect, trust, integrity, superior care, and community involvement. These values have been experienced by our clients and have helped us connect with their friends, neighbors, and other family members who can use our senior home care services to stay in the comfort and independence of their own homes for as long as possible.

We take our clients' testimonials very seriously and will always strive to protect our reputation, we go above and beyond in order to achieve results that meet and exceed the needs of our clients and families

In addition, we are honored and humbled by the consistent 5-star rating we receive on Google Reviews. Our reputation stems from the performance and credibility we have established since our inception.

We will continue to endeavor towards our objective of becoming the senior home care company of choice in Calgary. Serving seniors of our community like our own family.

exceptional service

100% Satisfied Clients

Donald Arnell

"Excellent staff and management. Provided care for my mother for more than 2 years. Thanks Mark & Marita and to all the caregivers at Compassion."

Vivian La Puebla

"Working with Compassion Senior Care is a great experience, as a new employee or Health Care Assistant staff ,I feel their unconditional support, great , kind and professional management ( manager, supervisor and staffs) ,have willingness to help. Great company to work with."

Edwin & Maureen Bauer

We have been so impressed with the care and loving attention to our senior family member, who has been so blessed by Compassion Senior Care's services. Keep up the great work, may God bless you!

Get your FREE in-home consultation

We offer free in-home consultation to assess the client’s needs and develop a Care Plan that matches the need.

Get your FREE in-home consultation

We offer a free in-home
consultation to assess the client’s
needs and develop a Care Plan
that matches the need.

We also use this assessment to know more about the client to help us match them with the best fit among our Home Care Assistants

The Assessment is performed by Compassion Senior Care’s Registered Nurse (RN) who has an extensive geriatric experience with the Alberta Healthcare system.

We charge on an hourly basis and require a “3-hours” minimum shift. From our experience, whether once a week or daily, we believe 3 hours time is the minimum amount of time to enable good bonding with the Home Care Assistant.

No contract period is required, we just ask for a 2-week notice period for cancellation.

Some of our clients have used Self-Managed Care to subsidy some of our costs. You will need to contact your AHS Case Manager and ask if you qualify for Self-Managed Care.

Some Insurance companies are now offering Home Support coverage. Contact your insurance company and ask them if they can add Home Care to your policy.

Do you want to ensure the best care for your parents but your work and other responsibilities don’t allow you to spend enough time caring for them?

Do you want a reliable company that you can entrust to care for your parent(s) and have peace of mind that your parent(s) is(are) well looked after in the comfort and independence of their homes?

You can depend on Compassion Senior Care to support your parent(s) with their care needs so when you visit them you can focus on spending quality time with them.

Call us now to book an appointment!

Why you can trust Compassion Senior Care?

We have a proven record of offering reliable services to Calgarian Seniors. We do our best to match one Home Care Assistant per client to build a family bond.

We live up to our slogan which is “Dignity & Respect in your home!” and deliver our services delivered with the dignity & respect Seniors deserve.

We are a family-owned, Calgary-based, independent Senior Home Care Company. We are fully bonded and we follow a rigorous and thorough process to attract, hire and retain exceptional and compassionate Home Care Assistants.

We offer personalized “one-on-one” care through our experienced and qualified Home Care Assistants.

Compassion Senior Care has a part-time pastor and a certified Brain Health Trainer and Coach on the team.

Why do you need to act now and call Compassion Senior Care?

Studies have shown that Seniors are lonely and need companions.
Studies show that Seniors who stay in their communities and age at their homes live healthier and longer.

It is more cost-effective to get a few hours of care a day at home than to move to an independent or Supportive Living facility.

Every moment counts! Delay in making a decision means robbing Seniors of the experience of a good quality life.

At Compassion Senior Care, we believe that providing care at home is not only the best option for seniors but also the most cost-efficient option. Assisted living facilities can be expensive and may not provide the same level of personalized care that we can offer at home. Additionally, aging at home can help seniors avoid the stress and trauma of moving to a new environment.

We invite you to give us a call today and let us help you make the best choice for your family. With our personalized approach to care and wide range of services, we can ease the burden of caregiving and free up your time to create meaningful and enjoyable moments with your loved ones. We are dedicated to becoming an integral part of your family care system, through a trusting and respectful provision of care. So, don't hesitate to give us a call today and let us help your loved one age in place with dignity and comfort.

Let Us Help You Make The Right Choice

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