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AHS Client Directed Home Care Invoicing (CDHCI) Program


Compassion Senior Care has been approved as a Private Home Care Provider under AHS – CDHCI, allowing you to select us as the home care provider of your choice. The Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program (CDHCI) is an innovative option offered by Alberta Health Service (AHS) to support clients with their personal care needs, respite and homemaking. Compassion Senior Care will provide the services approved by the AHS Case Manager and directly bill Alberta Blue Cross for the approved hours. Are you a participant of the self-managed care program, but interested in a direct billing alternative? Alternatively, are you currently receiving home care via AHS, but wish to select your preferred home care provider without the hustle of submitting bills and expenses and the administrative process involved? Our skilled team of Home Care Assistants are certified Health Care Aides who are capable of providing you and your loved ones with personalized one-on-one personal, homemaking and respite care with compassion, dignity and respect. Compassion Senior Care will take care of the billing process on your behalf. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Learn About the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program

The Client Directed Home Care program empowers individuals approved by AHS for Home Care, to select their preferred private home care service provider without needing to submit reimbursement invoices. The Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program (CDHCI) is an Alberta Health Services (AHS) offering that provides support for personal care, respite, and homemaking. As the provider agency, we will offer the services arranged by you or your designate and bill AHS directly through Alberta Blue Cross for care provided. Starting January 2023, those approved for public home care services through AHS caregivers and contractors or on self-managed care will have the option to switch to the Client Directed Home Care program (CDHCI), which offers more choices for home care services. Contact us to learn more

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What are the Benefits of Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program?

Increased Flexibility and Choice:
The program provides greater flexibility and choice for eligible individuals to select their preferred home care service provider, allowing them to receive care that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Direct Billing:
The program eliminates the need for individuals to submit invoices for reimbursement, as the provider agency will directly bill Alberta Health Services (AHS) through Alberta Blue Cross for the care provided. This streamlines the process and reduces administrative burdens for clients.

Support for Home Care Needs: Whether it is post-hospitalization, rehab or continuing care for any medical conditions, the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program offers support for personal care needs, respite, and homemaking, allowing individuals to receive comprehensive care that meets their specific requirements.

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