Personal Care

We offer Personal Care services to seniors who have experienced a loss in their ability to perform the activities of daily living ADLs. Such assistance may enable them to remain in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Home Care Assistants who deliver Personal Care are Health Care Aide certified and are responsible for observing, recording and reporting to their supervisor, or other appropriate person, any noticeable change in their client’s condition and/or home environment. Our Personal Care services include:

  • Companionship and Homemaking
  • Assisting with eating, bathing, using bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care 
  • Assisting with wearing “Donning” compression socks and taking them off “Doffing”,
  • Assisting with bowel regularity, self-administered medications, basic skin care and nail maintenance
  • Emptying or changing external urinary collecting devices, including catheter bags
  • Providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bag
  • Assistance with urinals, bedpans and/or commodes
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care
  • Encouraging to perform normal body movements and to follow prescribed exercise programs
  • Assisting with positioning in bed, wheelchair and other chairs
  • Assisting with transferring to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet and chair

Personal Care Services are usually provided on an hourly basis or on as-needed basis. Click here if you want to initiate the process.