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Frequently Asked Questions​

We understand that you may have a lot of questions at this phase in your search. We have provided a list of our frequently asked questions, however, we are happy to answer any of your additional questions anytime. Contact us

Why Home Care?

Every senior’s situation is different! For some, hiring in-home support services may be a better option than assisted living.  Commonly, seniors voice a strong desire to stay at home because it is where they feel most comfortable.  However, it is very important to be aware of the costs of different levels of care, such as assisted living, and compare what you could get for your money in an assisted living environment versus home care services.  Home ownership, capable household management, sound financial assets, and a willingness to hire in-home care may be good reasons to try in-home care services instead of moving to assisted living.  In-home care can be paramount in a senior’s future happiness, but it is important to consider mental, physical and social capacities to be able to live somewhat independently in the home. Continuous decline in health, high risk safety issues, isolation, inability to afford full-time caregivers, and/or financial strain of home ownership, are important reasons to consider whether in-home care is enough support or whether a better solution is assisted living.  An in-home assessment, also called a consultation, by our Care Supervisor, is an important step to determine if in-home care provided by Compassion Senior Care, is a viable option.

With the right care and services, aging at home can preserve independence and safety to help seniors live better. Seniors quality of life is enhanced when dignityprivacy and freedom are factored into a care program, which is generally better provided in home settings than at institutions or hospitals.

Aging at home provides the opportunity for you to live in a place that surrounds you with all the familiar objects and reminders of your past contributing to your most cherished memories.

Aging at home provides the opportunity to stay in the community you are familiar with so that you don’t lose contact and connections with neighbours.

Aging at home helps you to maintain relationships with local services you are accustomed to, for example the grocer, pharmacist, and barber.

Aging at home represents the wishes of approximately 96% of seniors as per Home Care Pulse 2017 Benchmarking study.

Home Care Assistants

Obtaining a Home Care Assistant through Compassion Senior Care takes the uncertainty and risk out of independently hiring a caregiver or assistant. Our Home Care Assistants are exceptional people demonstrating knowledge, experience, and compassion.  They are carefully selected based on background checks, appropriate education and experience, references, and a rigorous interview process.  All our Home Care Assistants are bonded and carry the necessary insurance coverage including Workers Compensation Insurance.  We provide our Home Care Assistants with orientation, ongoing training, evaluations, and access to a nurse 24 hours per day, seven days per week should Home Care Assistants require consultation and support regarding the care of the senior.  If a Compassion Senior Care Home Care Assistant is sick or unavailable, we have a substitute Home Care Assistant available.  

As part of our FREE in-home consultation an assessment is completed to understand the needs of the senior and to create an individualized plan of care and services.  When we develop a plan of care and services we make every effort to match a Home Care Assistant who best suits the senior’s needs and preferences, including cultural and language preferences.  However, if the senior is not happy with the Home Care Assistant we have matched them with, the senior can request a different Home Care Assistant at any time and we will do our best to accommodate this change.   

Why Compassion Senior Care?

We are a private family owned, Canadian company committed to enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of seniors by personalizing care and paying attention to details.  We provide personalized care meaning that we do not “fit” our seniors into standardized packages of services, but we take the time to understand the unique needs of each senior and develop a plan of care and services to appropriately meet these needs. We identify the important choices the senior likes to make and we do whatever it takes to try to accommodate these preferences and make a positive difference.  We also know that seniors’ needs change over time for a variety of reasons such as health challenges or changes in family availability, therefore, we recognize the need for flexibility and timely alterations in the care and services we provide.    

It is our philosophy to serve our clients versus servicing our clients. Through our unique Senior-Centered Care approach that addresses the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of seniors. We have woven a strong spirit of serving into the fabric of Compassion Senior Care which means our Home Care Assistants are continually opening their hearts and minds to ways in which they can further enhance the lives of the seniors they care for.  Our Home Care Assistants get to know their seniors as persons and build a trustworthy relationship with them.  As an employer we believe that for our Home Care Assistants to build a strong spirit of serving and develop trusting relationships with their seniors, Home Care Assistants must be treated with respect and caring concern by us, their employer, and in doing so the care and concern will be passed on to our seniors in a trustworthy, kind-hearted, fashion.  Knowing our Home Care Assistants, helps us to successfully match caregivers with seniors.    

We believe that providing care and services to seniors includes working alongside families to provide the best services and care possible.  Families are a very important support network for seniors and understanding how family members are involved in the life of the senior informs our Home Care Assistants of how to augment rather than duplicate care. We also want to ensure that families maintain balance in their own lives and do not burn out so we help families to recognize changing needs of their seniors and collaborate on arriving at shared solutions. Families often are strong advocates for their seniors therefore it is important that we engage families by keeping open lines of communication.

Quality of Care and Service

  • The foundation of our care and service excellence is established by our satisfaction surveys conducted regularly with our seniors and their families.  This information provides valuable insights into what is deemed important to our seniors and their families and how we can enhance our services and care.
  • Our care and service are based on current evidence related to healthy aging, home care client outcomes, dignity, and compassion, to name just a few.
  • We have policies, standards, and Home Care Assistants handbooks to address our mission, vision and values and guide our Home Care Assistants to provide the best possible care and service.

Quality of Home Care Assistants

  • Exceptional people demonstrating knowledge, experience, and compassion.  
  • Selected based on national criminal record checks, the appropriate education level, personal and professional references, and a rigorous interview process.  
  • Once hired, our Home Care Assistants are bonded, insured, and covered by Workers’ Compensation.
  • Ongoing Home Care Assistant training and education are provided to maintain current knowledge and practice.
  • Regular performance evaluations of Home Care Assistants promote the ongoing development of these individuals.
  • Home Care Assistants have access to a Registered Nurse 24 hours per day, seven days per week should Home Care Assistants require consultation and support regarding the senior  

We offer a range of Home Care services including personal care, companion care, meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping, respite care and caregiver relief.  For more detailed descriptions of our services please visit our “Services” section on our Home page of the website.

  • The first in-home consultation is FREE.
  • The purpose of the in-home consultation is for us to gain an understanding of the current health situation and needs, as well as any possible risks in the home to ensure our home care services can be conducted in a safe manner.  It is also an opportunity for the senior to learn more about Compassion Senior Care to determine if it is the right choice.
  • The FREE in-home consultation is completely without obligation to purchase services.  

Our Service Agreements don’t require a term. They can be terminated at any time with an agreed notice period.  Clients and their families enter into a written Service Agreement in order to clearly define the Services to be provided and the terms and conditions for receiving such Services. 

Cost and Payments

Some extended health care benefits or insurance policies cover certain in-home care services. Check your policy to see if it covers the services you need at home or we can assist you to determine if your insurance policy provides home care coverage. 

There are unique circumstances in which home care services are tax deductible.  Please check with your tax advisor or Revenue Canada to determine if you qualify for a tax deduction.

Payments options for home care services provided by Compassion Senior Care:

  • e-Transfers through most Canadian financial institutions
  • Pay by major credit and debit cards
  • Pay by pre-authorized debit agreement (PAD)
  • Pay by cheque 
Compassion Senior Care has been approved as a Private Home Care Provider under AHS – CDHCI, allowing you to select us as the home care provider of your choice. Learn more

Need More Help?

Contact us at your convenience – our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may require. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional service.