Compassionate Senior Care - Senior Home Care - Calgary Alberta


Private sitters for the elderly

Seniors can become isolated and lonely as they spend most of their day with themselves for company. This can lead to declining physical and mental health, apathy and depression. We take time to carefully match each client with a trusted Home Care Assistant best suited for their individual needs. At Compassion Senior Care we believe that it is both the physical and mental well-being of a person that creates a truly healthy life. Having a companion, a friend, available to help and support can make a major difference in a person’s quality of living. Here are some of the ways we provide companionship to our seniors:

  • Providing companionship, friendship and emotional support
  • Talking, listening and sharing experiences
  • Playing games/cards and reading books/newspapers
  • Helping keep clients in contact with family, friends and the outside world
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments, grocery store and errands
  • Accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events
  • Writing or typing letters/correspondence
  • Organizing and reading mail
  • Teaching/performing meal planning and preparation
  • Performing light housekeeping
  • Accompanying client on walks
  • Reminding client to take medication
  • Reminding client to start or finish their meals
  • private sitters for the elderly

Companionship Services can be provided on an hourly, daytime, overnight, weekly or live-in basis. Click here if you want to initiate the process.