We offer Respite Care services to temporarily relieve primary caregivers. This could mean providing relief for time periods ranging from a few hours to a few days. Time periods will depend on the needs of families and other caregivers. Respite may be provided occasionally, or periodically on a regular basis to allow the primary caregiver deal with stressful events such as an illness, hospitalization or a death in the family.

Respite Care relieves primary caregivers from the constant responsibility of providing care and give them the assurance of knowing that temporary relief is available when a personal crisis occurs. It also supports and strengthens families to enable their dependent seniors to remain at home and delay or prevent their placement in long-term care facilities.

Respite Care includes any or a combination of Companionship, Homemaking and Personal Care.

Respite Care Services can be provided on an hourly, day-time, overnight, weekly or live-in / 24-Hour basis. Click here if you want to initiate the process.